Adding an electrical sub panel

If you are installing a subpanel in your house be aware that four conductors are required in a subpanel in a house that has the service panel as well. The four conductors are: 

* Two hot wires (black and red) 

* One neutral wire (white) 

* One ground wire (green or bare copper) 

The neutral wire is used to carry current back to the service panel, while the ground wire is used to protect people from electrical shock. The ground wire is connected to the grounding electrode system, which is typically a metal rod or pipe buried in the ground. 

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that all subpanels be wired with four conductors. This is to ensure that the subpanel is properly grounded and that people are protected from electrical shock. 

In the past, it was permissible to use a three-wire feeder to a subpanel. However, the NEC changed this requirement in 2017. This change was made to improve safety and to ensure that all subpanels are properly grounded.  

If you are adding a subpanel to your home, it is important to use a four-wire feeder. This will ensure that your subpanel is properly wired and that you are protected from electrical shock. 

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