Today’s quick tip:

If you are told or you observe the white material that was used to seal the ductwork joints in days past, don’t become overly concerned if it is in good shape. If it is deteriorating, might be time to do something.

First note that the only way to say it is in fact asbestos is to have it tested. A sample would be taken and sent to a lab, such as EMLS.

There are ways to deal with this material, or not deal with it as the case may be

Basically there are 4 options:
If the wrap is in good condition, you can simply leave it alone.  It becomes a hazard when it is disturbed.
If it is deteriorating, or not, you can remove it, but I would recommend spraying it down liberally with soapy water before doing so, and then have the duct work cleaned to be safe. At a minimum, wear a mask when removing, but read the information here before doing anything:
It can also be encapsulated with HVAC foil tape available from many sources. It is simply applied right over the wrap extending past the edges an 1” or so. Read this information before doing so:
Have it professionally removed by an asbestos abatement company, after testing to confirm it is in fact asbestos.

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