Weep holes and why they are important

Weep holes in brick work play a crucial role in managing moisture within the wall cavity, and omitting them can lead to significant problems down the line. Here’s why: Importance of Weep Holes: Drainage: Weep holes allow any water that manages to penetrate the brickwork to drain out, preventing it from accumulating within the wall […]

The Icy Threat: Unmasking and Combating Ice Dams on Your Roof

As a seasoned home inspector, my winter inspections take on a unique meaning. While the world admires the picturesque snow-laden roofs, my gaze is trained on the often-overlooked eaves, where a silent threat lurks: ice dams. These seemingly harmless ridges of ice, resembling frozen teeth clamped onto the roof’s edge, are much more than a […]

Guardrail height requirements, considering both model codes and potential variations

Model Codes: International Building Code (IBC): Mandates a minimum guardrail height of 42 inches for any walking surface with a vertical drop of 30 inches or more, including those inside homes. International Residential Code (IRC): Specifies a minimum guardrail height of 36 inches for interior applications. Local Jurisdictions: Variations: Local building codes may adopt the […]