Spring Home Maintenance for a Healthy Roof

Don’t Get Soaked: Spring Home Maintenance for a Healthy Roof

Spring is finally here! As the snow melts and the days get longer, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and tackle some home maintenance tasks. But before you get busy planting flowers, take a moment to consider your roof – the shield that protects your entire home. Here at SJ Inspections and […]

Weep holes and why they are important

Weep holes in brick work play a crucial role in managing moisture within the wall cavity, and omitting them can lead to significant problems down the line. Here’s why: Importance of Weep Holes: Drainage: Weep holes allow any water that manages to penetrate the brickwork to drain out, preventing it from accumulating within the wall […]

The Icy Threat: Unmasking and Combating Ice Dams on Your Roof

As a seasoned home inspector, my winter inspections take on a unique meaning. While the world admires the picturesque snow-laden roofs, my gaze is trained on the often-overlooked eaves, where a silent threat lurks: ice dams. These seemingly harmless ridges of ice, resembling frozen teeth clamped onto the roof’s edge, are much more than a […]