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If it says newly renovated or remodeled, be cautious....

December 5th, 2016

If you're looking at houses and the house has been "newly renovated/remodeled," pay attention to the details. Some flippers are newbies ​and others just don't care about quality. Be sure to check out the following:

Look at the bas​eboard and window trim. Are the joints tight and cut accurately?​

Tile floors, are the tiles level with each other, and level across the floor?

Also, you can tap on them and listen for a difference in sound. Loose tiles will sound hollow.

Check the faucets, especially in the shower for reversed hot and cold. The shower faucet is plumbed from the backside, so it is easy to put the hot on the right instead of the left.

Find the electrical panel to make sure it is accessible. We have seen electrical panels covered over with a cabinet with the back cut out for access. Electrical panel access requires an area 3 ft wide and 3 ft in front of it.

Check with city hall for permits for the work done. If you buy a house that was renovated and doesn't meet code, and go to sell it, it may be on you to make all the corrections. This can amount to a lot of money.

To be really sure you know what you are buying, give me a call at 440 427 4535 for a full inspection with report, or I also offer a walk through at a discounted price without the report. Call today to schedule or for more information.